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Ukraine is beautiful. Ukraine is full of marvels and wonderful people. My dear colleague Steve captured its beauty during the long time he spent there. He created a series of posts on FB during the last weeks and allowed me to share them here. I’m very grateful to present such precious thoughts and pictures. Let’s stand with Ukraine!

Die lachende Ukraine.

Der Kreml hat Angst vor Demokratie, nicht vor der NATO.

Die ukrainische Gesellschaft isst, tanzt, dreht Filme, geht wandern, fährt Bus, ließt Zeitung, übersetzt Literatur …

… spricht Ukrainisch und Russisch. So als würden alle in Holland auch Deutsch sprechen. Das würde Niederländer*innen aber lange nicht zu Deutschen machen. Nichtmal Österreich ist im entferntesten verdächtig, deutsch zu sein.

Nur die Ukraine, die wird immer wieder in Zweifel gestellt. Von deutschen Ex-Kanzlern, von deutschen Promis, von deutschen Abgeordneten, von deutschen Normalos: “Ist das überhaupt ein eigenes Land? Haben die überhaupt eine eigene Sprache? Sind da nicht alle rechts? Herrscht da nicht immer nur Chaos? Sind die nicht alle von den USA gesteuert? Haben die nicht alle mit der SS kollaboriert? Kann das nicht zur Pufferzone werden?“

Es dürfen in Deutschland unbeschadet Dinge über diese europäische Gesellschaft behauptet werden, die schlicht absurd sind, schlicht von oben herab, schlicht entwürdigend, schlicht nach rassistischem Muster.

Die deutsche Gesellschaft ist einmal als “Herrenmensch” über die ukrainische hergefallen und sie hat 2022 in Anbetracht des hier Sagbaren wenig dazu gelernt.

Die deutsche Gesellschaft schaut zu, wie eine unabhängige Gesellschaft in Europa nach Hilfe ruft, weil das militärisch überlegene Nachbarland Bock auf Einverleibung hat. Deutschland schaut zu, weil es bereit ist, zu glauben, dass die ukrainische Gesellschaft keine eigenständigen Standpunkte formulieren könne oder vertreten dürfe. In Anbetracht des deutschen Stolzes auf die eigene Vergangenheitsbewältigung ist das einfach lächerlich.

#ukraine #ukraina #standwithukraine

From my place in Germany it’s closer to Ukraine than to Belgium. And 6 weeks ago we took the train to Odessa. Two stops, one day, 55 EUR, super ride.

#standwithukraine #ukraine #україна

Vienna is closer to Ukraine than to Switzerland.

#solidaritywithukraine #supportukraine #ukraine #україна

Until 1918 parts of Italy and Ukraine were in the same country.

Fotos taken in #lviv 2015 and #chernivtsi 2016


#supportukraine #standwithukraine #solidaritywithukraine #ukraine #україна

Just like all water in Munich this river flows into the Danube, too.

Friends in Ukraine constructed this raft to journey the Dnister river in July 2017. And they want to live in a free society without Russian soldiers.

#standwithukraine #ukraine #україна


Inhabitants of Zgorzelec and Görlitz, polish women’s rights activists, the mayors of the two cities as well as activists of the german green party met today to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine – who are under threat of further aggression by the Russian army.

It was already the second meeting this week. The first was organized by a Women’s Rights group from Zgorzelec, the second (on the pictures) by the city itself. Zgorzelec especially stands with the people of Myrhorod, which is the Ukrainian partner town.

“So do they speak Russian in Ukraine?”

“So is Ukrainian just like Russian?”

Germans seem to be confused.

Yes, they speak Russian in Ukraine. Everywhere … in the North, in the South, in television, on the street. The same is true for Ukrainian. It is everywhere. The people just know and use two languages at the same time.

With two tendencies:

… the more official the context, the more Ukrainian.

… the longer a region was controlled by Russia in the past, the fewer Ukrainian.

No, Ukrainian is not like Russian. But all Slavic languages are kind of similar. A bit like Dutch and German.

Poles, Czechs and Slovaks understand Ukrainian quite well. But they would not understand Russian that well – which developed a bit apart because of other influences.

The photos were taken during a Ukrainian-German tandem language class in 2018 in #нижнєселище with the beautifull @sargorigo meeting house

#standwithukraine #ukraine #україна

Cut off Russia from everything. Now!

SWIFT, the sky over Ukraine, their money in our banks, our goods. Now!

There is no diplomacy anymore. There is an insane russian war against humanity that won’t stop today, nor tomorrow nor this year or decade – if we don’t get our shit done finally.

Isolate this country until their government collapses. Otherwise every single person that dies, looses hope, home, family, friends, trust, security, freedom … will be a woman, man or child we refused to help. Because of lazyness and self illusion that it won´t be as bad as it seems.

Yes it will be that bad. And even worse than you think – likewise any aggressive action of the Russian Federation in the past.

Russia will never be able to control Ukraine with over 40 mio people.

That’s why they attack Kyiv straight. Russia wants to proclaim a vassal government that will be “Ukrainian” but under their control.

There would be Ukrainian partisan actions in any Ukrainian territory under Russian control. And Russia would re-label it as “civil war” or “fascist action” against “the Ukrainian government”.

Nobody clear in mind waits for that occupant government as nobody wants to live under an unscrupulous and hopeless dictatorship.

But Russia would find the right people to do the job just as Germany found the right people in France in 1940 to establish the Vichy Regime.

Russia will not try to conquer western regions of Ukraine, as they are close to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Russia will try to set a front somewhere between central and western areas of Ukraine. Wherever this is. With the vassal regime on one side and the Ukrainian state on the other, which Russia labels as “fascist”.

Millions of people would leave the vassal regime under Russian control, millions of people would fight it.

It would be a humanitarian catastrophe like the Balkan wars in the 90s. But with numbers of people that we have not seen in Europe since World War II.

(alle Texte und Fotos by http://www.instagram/stevco.stevco)

Weinen ist jetzt nicht genug. Spendet, was die Ukraine braucht! 

Die normalen Lieferketten sind unterbrochen. Es wird bald alles gebraucht werden. Benzin, Essen und ja, auch Waffen. Das schon jetzt!


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