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Uckermark, Sven Jaros 2021.


My small take on premodern history within the territory of today’s Ukraine is out on the research blog of the IOS. Even after three months, I’m still struggling to find my place and my language within this whole nightmare. So this is a first attempt to contribute something. Thanks to Franziska Davies for the encouragement.…


Ukraine is beautiful. Ukraine is full of marvels and wonderful people. My dear colleague Steve captured its beauty during the long time he spent there. He created a series of posts on FB during the last weeks and allowed me to share them here. I’m very grateful to present such precious thoughts and pictures. Let’s…

A Question of Perspective

Thanks to the kind invitation of Maike Schmidt, I had the chance to gather some thoughts about premodern border zones, taking my research on Crown Ruthenia as example, but also expanding the perspective. Enjoy on!


I can’t say, that I find it easy to jump from the Middle Ages into the 19th and 20th century. It’s a lot to deal with: New kind of sources, methods, different traditions how to address issues – it’s difficult, but fun and inspiring nonetheless. The pandemic didn’t made it easier to enjoy the best…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sven Jaros, PostDoc Researcher at the IOS in Regensburg. This is where I inform about recent Publications, Events et alia.

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